Social media and digital marketing can be overwhelming, daunting, and downright terrifying when you’ve never done it before.

When a business owner first thinks about taking their business online, there are so many fears that can crop up.

  • Fear of blogging.
  • Fear of social media.
  • Fear of selfies.
  • Fear of video.
  • Fear of designing and/or running a website.
  • Fear of doing it wrong and looking stupid.
  • Fear of doing it right and nobody caring.
  • Fear of getting it all done and none of it making a difference.

Those fears are valid and normal. Completely. Thankfully, those fears are also the first steps to lessening your fear of technology and starting down a road that will, one day soon, find you interacting online with confidence, courage, and creativity.

Acknowledge the Fear(s)

No fear diminishes or goes away until we take the first humble step of acknowledging we have that fear. Once the fear is verbalized and out in the open, it loses some of its power and we can figure out the next step we need to take.

Start Small

No one becomes a great writer, photographer, videographer, or marketer overnight. No one. Every single person who is savvy online now was once a terrible photographer, abysmal writer, and didn’t have a clue how to take, let alone share, a video.

But they all started somewhere, kept trying, kept learning, and kept experimenting until they got better and better.

You can do the same.

Last week a client wanted to learn how to take videos for her business. Instead of having her read a book or watch a tutorial, we grabbed our cameras and went out to our bush at the back of our farm. For two hours we wandered through the trees and fields taking one 20-second video after another of whatever took our fancies. The first few attempts our client made were pretty terrible – and that’s great!!! You can only get better by being bad to begin with. But then, as I gave her tips on framing and lighting, she got better and better and more and more confident. By the end of our two hours, she was radiant, so excited to have started her videography journey.

So, start small. Create a Facebook page, open an Instagram account, practice taking pictures of your products, employees, clinic, or office.

Keep Practicing, Keep Learning

Once you’ve started taking pictures, take it to the next level and learn to edit, crop, and resize images. Do the same with video. There are free and inexpensive tools to use online and some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

If writing is not your forte, don’t stress. Just start small, keep practicing, and get better. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy to increase your vocabulary, add Grammarly to your computer to improve your grammar skills, and write, write, write. Start with notes to your kids, emails to friends, or bullet point descriptions of your business products or services. Turn those bullet points into sentences, then paragraphs.

Take one top and turn it into three types of writing: something brief and pithy for a tweet, a bit longer and more descriptive for an Instagram post, and even longer and more detailed for a blog post.

Before you know it, you’ll be growing from strength to strength in all areas of technology relating to your digital business.

Get Support and Guidance

Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. Technology is scary enough without feeling like you need to figure it all out by yourself.

Get tips from a tech-savvy friend or watch YouTube tutorials on the digital platforms you’re using such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest.

Book a consultation with a professional. Their expertise and experience will make your learning journey so much easier.

Here at Rambling Goat we love helping identify our clients needs and goals and designing a social media plan for them. Some of our clients want us to do everything for them, from photography and writing to scheduling and monitoring, while others want us to train them so they can do it all themselves. Whatever your needs and goals are, we’re here to help.

Send us an email at and book a free consultation. We can’t wait to meet you! 🙂