Writing content for your business can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s not your area of expertise. It’s easy to hire designers to create unique images or graphics for your business, but what about the words you need?

Written content is a vital part of business, from sending out emails and newsletters to writing a blog post and crafting pithy blurbs for an advertisement or social media blurb. The words you share are an excellent way to communicate with your clients, share your business story in a compelling way, and inform your readers of the unique features of your services and products.

In order to create excellent content, you can hire a professional content writer or you can hone your writing skills and learn how to connect with your customers in your own words.

How to Develop Your Writing Skills

Start Small. Write a List.

Half the battle of writing great content is choosing a topic. Make things easier for your future writing self by compiling a list of topics, ideas, and questions about your business that you can write about. When you inevitably get writer’s block, and we all get it, you’ll have a list of great ideas to get those creative writing juices flowing again.

Write Bullet Points

The thought of writing an entire blog post, newsletter, or even paragraph can be overwhelming and stop you before you even start. So don’t worry about the whole project yet. Break it down into bullet points. What are the key pieces of information you want to get across? If you’re writing about a product, jot down all the salient features, uses, applications, and variations. If you’re writing about a service, write out the details, time frame, and what your client can expect from the experience.

Once you’ve got the details down, think of an anecdote, analogy, pain point, or joke you can use to further enhance the point of your topic.

If bullet points don’t do it for you, try a mind map. Take a blank piece of paper, write your topic in the center, then jot down any words and phrases that come to mind as you think about that topic. Soon you’ll have a great framework for your writing project.

Flesh it Out

Now that you’ve got all the vital details in place, you can start building. If you’re writing something short like a social media post or tweet, turn those bullet points and mind map musings into a few sentences. If you’re tackling something larger like an email, newsletter, or blog post, expand those same details into paragraphs.

Once you’ve got it written out, read it through a couple of times. Add some great adjectives to make it more vibrant and use a thesaurus to find words that capture what you want to say even more accurately.

Add Keywords from Your Industry

Once your basic content is in place, make sure it includes key words relevant to both your industry and topic. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and imagine what questions they might be asking about your topic, or what keywords they might be entering to search for the answers you have. Weave them into your content in a natural way so your clients can easily find the knowledge and expertise that you have.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

As with any skill, practice is the one thing that will make writing easier. The more you write, the more easily words will flow and the less stress you’ll feel when content writing needs arise.

While you’re honing your writing craft through practice, you can add more strings to your bow by reading. Read articles from your industry to expand your creativity build your awareness of industry terms and issues, and read books and articles outside your industry to improve and increase your vocabulary and broaden your base of experience and information. The more you fill your mind with great writing, the better writer you will become.

How to Hire A Professional Writer

All that said, the truth is that when you’re running a business, adding the responsibility of writing all your content may be one task too many. There’s no shame in this. We all have limited time and energy and must use that wisely so we don’t get overstretched and burnt out.

If writing content for your business is too much to take on, don’t lose heart. There are wonderful professional writers who would be happy to ease your burden by taking on those writing projects.

Here at ramblingGOAT we love writing content for our clients. From blog posts, website content, and blurbs for social media to press releases, newsletters, and emails, we bring over 20 years professional writing experience in Australia, Europe, the United States, and Canada to your project.

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