Last week I spent a whole day with a client training her in all aspects of social media. From writing, photography, and video to scheduling, hashtags, tagging, and, that dreaded beast: writer’s block. She started off feeling completely overwhelmed by it all, but by the end of the day, she had taken her first videos, learned how to shoot and edit better photos, and was finding her voice in the words she used. I loved seeing her face glow with excitement as she added a few more arrows to her quiver of learned skills.

Sometimes crafting posts for social media is easy-peasy. Ideas flow, creativity abounds, and before you know it, you have a whole month’s worth of posts ready to go.

Other times, writer’s block sets in and you can’t think of a thing to say. Everything feels dry, boring, and utterly uninspiring.

When that happens, I have a plan in place that gets me back on track.

Make Sure My Physical Needs Are Being Met

It may sound silly, but I like to ask the simple question first: Am I hungry, thirsty, or tired? It’s amazing the number of times inspiration returns after a big drink of water, a hearty meal, or a good nap.

Change My Location

Sitting behind a desk for days on end rarely restores creativity, so I move. I don’t mean pack my bags and head for Italy, I mean I got outside for a walk, head to my favourite coffee shop and spend an hour with a cuppa and a good book, meet up with a friend for a great visit, or grab my hubby and go for a drive in the country. A change in location does wonders for loosening up stuck thought patterns.

Ask Myself Leading Questions

  • What Do I Love?
  • What Do I Know?
  • What Am I Challenged By?
  • What Am I Curious About?
  • What Am I Learning/Reading/Listening To/Looking At
  • Who Is Inspiring Me?

When I can’t think about what to write/share about my business or life, interviewing myself can trigger all sorts of interesting trains of thought. What do I love about my work today? What was my favourite meeting this week? What challenge cropped up this month, and how did I work through it? What great quote/book/podcast/song meant a lot to me? What is something I want to learn more about?

Brainstorm with Someone

One of the great lies we sometimes believe is that we have to do everything by ourselves. We don’t. We need each other’s strengths, ideas, questions, and thoughts to help us grow, change, and learn.

When I’m stymied or feel lost, I like to look at the good people in my life and think, “Who would be good to talk to about this?” Sometimes it’s a friend or co-worker, others it’s an expert in the field, someone who has shared their wisdom through a book, blog post, podcast, or video.

It Will Get Easier

You are not alone in your struggle to figure out what to share on social media. It happens to all of us, I promise. But by having a plan for when it does happen, you take the anxiety, fear, and shame away. With a bit of time and effort, you’ll soon be back on track, sharing your world with the people who want to be part of it.

If you want someone to help you develop a social media plan, train you in how to do it all yourself, or manage your accounts for you, email us today at We’d love to talk with you.