Before you choose a website designer, there are a few things you can do ahead of time to make the process run smoothly. The more details you provide to your designer, the easier it will be to get the website you want in the time frame you need it.

Decide the Style of Website You Want

Do you want a simple brochure site with all the details on one page, an elaborate 20-page site with galleries, a blog, videos, downloadable forms, and numerous pages with detailed information, or something in between? Knowing exactly what you want will enable your designer to give you an accurate quote and time frame for completion.

Choose the Look You Want

Keep the branding of your business consistent across both print and digital formats. Give your designer the exact colours, fonts, and logos you need so they can accurately represent your company with your website.

Create Your Content

Save time and hassle by ensuring all the written content for your website is written and edited before the website design begins. Include clear instructions about where you want it to be placed.

Provide Quality Images and Graphics

A great looking website requires high-quality images. This might be a good time to hire a professional photographer to take fantastic staff photos, product photos, and images that reflect your brand well. Make sure you provide your designer with high-resolution, edited images they can use immediately.

Collect All Social Media Links

Make it as easy as possible for current and potential clients to find you. Provide accurate links to all your social media pages (if you’re using and updating them).

Write Blog Posts

If you’re going to have a blog on your website, write at least 3 posts ahead of time so you have something to share with your clients right off the bat.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you know you want a website but would like some help and guidance to get the best website you can, contact us today for a 1-hour consultation and we’ll help you get your project on track.